Atlantic Fire Safety offers a team of state licensed technicians who can help to keep your system operating the way it was intended. We offer services for fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency lighting, fire sprinklers, central monitoring systems, and kitchen suppression systems.

Atlantic Fire Safety is a comprehensive resource for everything from engineering, installations, training, inspections and maintenance of nearly any fire protection equipment you may need or already have.

Atlantic Fire Safety is the solution to help you consolidate all your fire protection needs under one vendor. One source… one call. You save time and money.

When you choose Atlantic Fire Safety all fire related services can be combined in a single package. This concept of Total Compliance Management emerged as our customers conveyed to us the importance of having one vendor for all fire related services. They explained to us the enormous cost of having multiple contacts, generating multiple purchase orders, approving multiple invoices and writing multiple checks. We also learned of the risks involved when our customers assume the comprehensive task of managing multiple vendors and multiple code requirements. When these services are fragmented, it becomes much more difficult to assure that all fire equipment is maintained properly and in the required time frame. Our software keeps track of which inspections are due so you will never have to call several different companies to make sure you are in compliance with inspection requirements.

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